What a long strange trip it's been on Behance

Salome Gautier-- Reminds me when Rob used to climb out of his bedroom window and sit on the roof!

The ARCHive  About The ARCHive is a student blog created and managed by students at the University of South Florida School of Architecture and Community Design.  This collection of student design work and process provides a glimpse into the creativity, innovation, and collaboration performed through all levels of the institution.

Erick McGartland, USF School of Architecture, Class of 2016 Core Design “Highline” - Fall Prof. Mark Weston Section investigation of building and context Contact: erickm

Aydin Tabakhane River UD Viz by ~bearsign on deviantART

Aydin Tabakhane River Urban Design Project by ON Tasarim Viz by Mehmet Cikrik [link] & Me ArchiCAD (The Municipality Building modelling (Ufuk Ertem). Aydin Tabakhane River UD Viz