Facebook and?   I'm not a fan of the left to right placement of OAuth and general site logins because I'm concerned it implies to novice web users that they have to do both and, in this case, they may begin with filling out the form fields because it's asking them to. Also, does any general user know what "Connect with Facebook" means?

I liked the flat UI style that this login screen. The Social media aspect of this isn't really needed to for the EWS project.

Sign in form - UX/UI

Sign in form - UX/UI

The "frosted" texture here is nice, maybe we can use this as an alternative to blur the background (which is as of the moment an image of a boutique).

Login UI (free psd.)

Alternative UI to Login. instead of having a blank page. notice the details on the input boxes

Ultimate Mobile Login Designs by Bouncy Studio, via Behance

Buy Ultimate Mobile Retina Login Design by bouncy on GraphicRiver. Main Features 10 PSD Files True Retina According to latest mobile version Fully editable layers Totally Vectors Edita.

The Verge: Sign Up: Invalid Email

The Verge: Sign Up: Invalid Email

In progress login form, v3. All dolled up.

In progress login form, All dolled up.

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