Again, clear and simple layout. This example seems more appropriate for a website page where the use of simple info graphics could perhaps educate / communicate the value of the product?

Educational infographic & Data Adam Rudzki Portfolio - Site of the Day June 07 2013 Image Description Again, clear and simple layout. This example seems mo

I like the timeline on the left. Associating each element with the time is a very clean way of displaying the information.

Timeline format The top 5 medical discoveries in history, with detailed info on each discovery via this infographic from Carrington College.

Great layout for tourism - photos well porportioned to information

The Flat design is now used every where,Today I have collected some Awesome Flat Website Designs examples for your inspiration.

Jampp Redesign by Alejandro Vizio for Aerolab

We´ve finally finished a redesign for another startup called jampp :D We ended up doing all the animations in instead of Edge since we found it was much better. The site is f.

Icon set for Android

If you are looking to implement the flat icon sets style into your own designs, here are amazing free Icon Sets For Flat Web Design apps or info graphics.

More ideas