These are icons for a game i'm working on. Starter packs full of various in-game loot. Will be released within a few days. Also showing some details here to demonstrate how I layer my digital brush.

Treasure Room Library - Polycount Forum

A bit cartoony and colorful, Leave out the "Magic glowing elements" -ArtStation - Treasure Chest Concept, Yili Tan

Low Poly Treasure Chest - $16

Low Poly Treasure Chest - Small by BITGEM Add a professional touch to your game project with this low poly, hand painted small sized treasure chest.

Hand painted Chest - NightWong - Polycount

Out-Sourcing work done for Redbedlam, low poly game Objects. Style: Slightly cartoon & with a steam punkish theme Modelling: I created and edited the model based on previouse work Texturin.

Rob and I are currently working on a little roguelike game and here are some of my treasure chest designs for it. If you're curious for more.

Jordan Powers: Photo

Chest for personal project, 2013 Concept art by “Popov-SM” for Captain Blood Chronicles