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Echoe making fog...if the hand was darker.

Picture Prompts: Siblings were born. One was fire, the other smoke. You see, the smoke child was a smoldered flame that needs a little help seeing the light.

Laboratory Glass Science Beaker  - 1000ml #vase #interiors

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PYREX® Berzelius Beaker, Tall Form, Graduated ~ 1000ml

A tall beaker with spout facilitates pouring. For convenience, these beakers are graduated to indicate their approximate content.

PYREX® Griffin Low Form Beaker, Graduated ~ 100mL

Pyrex® Griffin Beaker, with spout, manufactured with uniform wall thickness, offers optimum balance between thermal shock resistance and mechanical strength.

Alchemy Produx Metallic Beaker Candle - Silver

Alchemy Produx Metallic Beaker Candle - Silver

Birgit Chytracek. Omd!!! This is my Willows twin!!!

THINGS THAT PLEASE ME & TOUCH MY SOUL. I claim no ownership of these photos. I try to post things that take my breath & make me say "oooh", "aaah" or "awww".