FORMAT + COMPOSITION - Colours and layers. The combination of colours for my posters has to be appealing to the eye and not distracting.

I chose for this image to be in my book binding board because I like the way you can still see the craftsmanship that was used binding the book. I also like the idea of binding multiple tiny books to create one final product.

austreichen ... unterstreichen ... arbeiten mit einer zusätzichen Farbe... Guimaraes Jazz 2013

Interesting idea to highlight certain text instead of making it a different color or bolding.

Brand Guide: Singapore Edition by FOREIGN POLICY DESIGN GROUP - created via

Print design ideas and inspiration. I love the old manilla folder style treatment with the design. I also sove the photography and styling (white peg board). Brand Guide: Singapore Edition by Foreign PolicyDesign Group

tgif | amnesty international hong kong 2010 annual report

I will be Graphic design Design of the first Annual report for the oldest higher education institution in Latvia & / Annual report Illustrations for the Corporate Annual Report 2014 of G& leget inspired

I have at least three parts to my reader, and a diary; could all be included in a colour related combined something?:

Could be interesting to apply this design approach to various types of insurance information and send as a reference to studios, agencies, etc. Much like the stumptown how to brew coffee books.