Fandanz App on Character Design Served

Fandanz App on Character Design Served. I like the bright colours. Would definitely stand out against other apps on the market. Cute illustrations that would attract children. Great inspiration for my interactive book.

Speed Match - a good design for kid app but the color make me feel something sadly- just my opion

*UI research* Bright but not garish colours, frames around screens to continue the branding throughout the app

GAME ART (Collection of assets and characters) on Behance

GAME ART (Collection of assets and characters) by Dashang Tiwari, via Behance

Blob Monsters iOS game on Behance

Character & Background & UI Designs for Blob Monsters games.All rights reserved to Poker Face Apps (Australia)

10 fingers offers children an intuitive game so they can become familiar with numbers and numerals. Children can also begin having fun with addition.  This innovative app uses the multi-touch feature on the iPad screen. When the child puts 3 fingers onto the screen, the digit “3” displays, and the word “three” is pronounced.  This app is designed for children from 3 to 6 years old. Younger children may enjoy 10 fingers once they start counting “1, 2, 3”.

10 Fingers+ is an app for children who are just starting to use their fingers to count. It is a clever use of technology that is based on the Montessori principle of concrete manipulation (being able to touch and move objects around).