An easy way to move around an app and this could particularly be used in a search engine without words. This way children could be able to include fun while on the app.

Tap Tap Memory App.

Easy to navigate apps that are used with flat design and one standard colour to stand out each page. This could be vital in helping kids colour communicate and know which page belongs where for the ones who cannot read.

Tap Tap Memory App.

this is a memory game ui for kids, the ui is very user friendly and kid friendly, using big cards with friendly illustrations on them that are flat vectors that are immediately recognizable by a child

Visionare IOS Mobile App by Pavel Novák, via Behance

love this idea, design and presentation // Visionare IOS Mobile App by Pavel Novák, via Behance

Speed Match App.

I've pinned a lot of posts from the layout and interface of this space match app, due to its design, layout and way of approaching simple UI/UX design to a younger audience which can be difficult to understand.