James Neil Hollingsworth: Oil paintings.

Realist paintings from a series by American artist James Hollingsworth called (Hard to believe these are paintings! I would call these hyper-realistic.

Watercolor artist Carrie Waller demonstrates her watercolor tutorial for still life painting—intensifying colors and re-creating objects as abstract forms.

Watercolor Tutorial

"Incandescent" x watercolor by Carrie Waller I may not have slept in the past 24 hours but I have a completed painting!

Francois Schuiten is a Belgian comics artist

François Schuiten is a Belgian comic artist. In collaboration with Benoît Peeters he made the serie 'De duistere steden'

Stunning Realism in Oil Paintings by Pedro Campos.

This is a hyper-realistic oil painting by Pedro Campos. A friend asked me the point of hyper-realism other than a demonstration of skill. I love art for its power to evoke emotion, but as beautiful as this painting is, I don’t feel anything.