Another pretty Korean hanbok

Hanbok - Traditional Korean dresses worn on holidays, celebrations and weddings. Gotta stay true to my Korean culture!

My wedding / 바이단의 한복 컬렉션 가을 정취를 담은 한복 / 기자/에디터 : 도나형 / 사진 : 김성진 / 모델 김미선, 이지민 / 헤어&메이크업 위드(헤어 수민 메이크업 서유진) / 한복 바이단

This is a recollection of Asian traditional clothing and their evolution nowadays. There will be fusion kimono or hanbok, and fashion inspired by those style or fabric.

korean traditional hanbok

ahh love this korean traditional hanbok !maybe i should invest in one sometime soon?

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