Taasky for Apple Watch

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Last week I was playing around with Apple Watch UI and this is little app I designed. Beer ordering has never been easier. :-) Inspired by this.

Apple Watch App Concept

Apple watch Taasky creating by Jakub Antalík

Apple watch Taasky creating

Next part of Taasky Apple Watch concept. Process of creating new task after long tap.

Taxi App Concept

We selected 23 creative user interfaces for smartwatches for your inspiration. These user interfaces for smartwatches show you how you can create the designs for smartwatches apps.

This was supposed to be B&W Messenger for Watch, but eventually I decided to go with colors and having more fun. I really like that scrolling animation on Apple Watch, I think with Digital Crow...

Messenger Watch UI

Ehsan Rahimi is a UI/UX designer based in Iran who specializes in Interaction Design. What I do particularly enjoyed about his work is cleanliness but also I mostly like his mind for the user experience.

Some interactions for a little radio watch concept. Feel free to check @2x!

Radio Animation + Freebie

Some interactions for a little radio watch concept. Don't forget to check AE mock-up attached, feel free to grab it! (awesome PS mock-up by Drage · here)

Here is the reply interaction on Messenger for Apple Watch, when you're about to send a voice message. Hope you like it. Let me hear your thoughts.

Messenger Watch UI / Voice Reply Interaction

We've been exploring ideas for the Apple Watch lately. A lot of us play instruments, so a Tuner app is something we'd really love to have on our wrists.

Apple Watch Tuner

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NIDO Weather App

As a sequel product to NIDO Time, here is the NIDO Weather. Still using the same font i created myself. Most importantly, make it super clean as when i'am entering a weather app, what i only want.

Breadcrumbs - Where is my kid?

Breadcrumbs - Where is my kid?

I'm working on an Apple watch application to help parents locate their children.

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