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Basée de Saint-Pétersbourg, la photographe Ouzbek Alexandra Bochkareva aime tout particulièrement travailler avec des modèles roux. Actuellement en plein dans l’automne, et afin de faire ressortir au mieux la beaut&e...

Photographer Alexandra Bochkareva loves working with redheaded models. However, series Autumn and Winter had double the pleasure because there were two red-haired beauties in front of her manual Helios lens - Polina or Olga and a trained fox named Alice.

Kang Ha Neul | 강하늘 | D.O.B 21/2/1990 (Pisces)

After Lee Junki now comes the time for Kang Haneul ssi photos spam. I’m gonna spam ya guys with his photos from several magazine photo shoots, personal acc or other sources.

http://UpCycle.Club UpCycle Art & Life presents the fabulous pen and ink composition by artist Caro Hei.

Pencil Portrait Mastery - Pencil Portrait Mastery - - Discover The Secrets Of Drawing Realistic Pencil Portraits - Discover The Secrets Of Drawing Realistic Pencil Portraits

vintage everyday: Vintage Creepy Halloween – 34 Old Photos of Clowns You Might Not Want to Meet at Night

Meet the vampire clowns, Ryan & Burke. There were rumours at the time that Ryan & Burke may be in someway related to celebrated Scottish grave robbers Burke & Hare, but nothing was ever proven.