the red background can be taken to signify either love or aggression, and i think the bold contrast really helps all of the elements to play off of each other well.

Graphic design inspiration

The poster comments on the subject (racism) in a non-direct way, trying to invoke the reader visually into the inevitable conclusion. It has multiple reads, that provoke critical thinking and raise awareness on the subject and its results globally.

WASHINGTON POST - Malika Favre//캐치미 이프 유 캔으로

Cover illustration based the new HBO show The Leftovers for the Sunday Art and Style supplement of The Washington Post - Malika Favre

sunnyisland 두 남자 이야기 _정조와 햄릿

COURTNEY DONALD- I like how the artist incorporated two different mediums to create a story which makes the image more appealing to the viewer sunnyisland 두 남자 이야기 _정조와 햄릿

Projet non retenu suite à la consultation de la Ville de Nancy pour la conception du visuel du Livre sur la Place, édition 2016.

Le Livre sur la Place – Édition 2016 on Cowboy Zoom. Design curated trends, ideas and inspiration by the amazing Cowboy Zoom.