Calendar Dashboard

Calendar Dashboard

F-Y. Formerly Yes on Behance

Formerly Yes — is a website that allows people to choose and buy functional things made for comfort and beauty with attention to details. Designer faced a challenge of creating a website akin to these things — aesthetically pleasing and easy to use.

Edité by K. F. Richer on Behance

I was commissioned to create web experience for Edité Gallery Hall. Private art exhibitions gallery, managed by Karl F. Richer and dedicated to the most famous and recognized painters in the world.

Zugzwang magazine on Behance

Online magazine about life, society, culture and style

UI Movement - The best UI design inspiration, every day

Lonely Planet HP — Destination Selector by Claudio Guglieri for Lonely Planet via Muzli UI Interactions of the week

PlanetaRunner® on Behance

Project: PlanetaRunnerClient: WOPArt Direction: VisualboxDate: May is a web portal aimed to the world of running where you can find all range of information for professionals and amateurs: tips and advice, races and marathons,…

ASOS Top 5 on Behance

A conceptual feature for ASOS's recommendations service, where they pull your activity data from their website , your purchases, saved items etc, and they pull out a 'Top selection for you every week where you can navigate through different sections of&

Saiy - Website & Application on Behance

A Website & Mobile Application for the Artificial Assistant framework Saiy, pronounced: "Say". Saiy is the brainchild of Developer & Founder Ben Randall and will be launched for all platforms.

Ivan Aivazovsky | Anniversary concept on Behance

Ivan Aivazovsky | Anniversary concept on Behance