Tutorial com flor para o cabelo com motivo de Natal.

[Chinese] Kanzashi-like flower hair band. I can't understand the text, but the photo tutorial is quite straight-forward!- and when those Christmas fabrics come on sale.

DIY Headbands

On a variety of non-woven magical effect of the DIY hair bands (the flowers can be made movable, not necessarily fixed si, not made hair bands can also be made Tousheng oh)

paper flower - zzkko.com...looks kinda like a succulent....maybe go that route with this

How to make paper ranunculus flowers. Use Cricut to cut out the flower patterns.

이번 장미꽃 패턴은 영문사이트에서 찾은 패턴인데 아래 보니 한글로 되어 있네요..하하하하하 어떤 분의 ...

the lilac space: Bouquet of roses with crocheted blossoms, in schema / Crochet rosettes, free charts

Цветочек крючком для украшения резиночки для волос


Цветочек крючком для украшения резиночки для волос

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