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CGArena : Modeling Ears in 3D

Modeling Ears in

이미지 보기 : 네이버 카페

Torso study for animation

Characters :: Fantasy characters :: Chibi realm characters bundle

Picked up by CGchips. tutorials and news site…

Click image for larger version. Name: Views: 308 Size: KB ID: 245360 Personal Notes: [Topology looks nice. Shoulder blades could be optimized a little.

第五期實體班作業02_by 丹譽遊戲模型貼圖角色班_from Weibo (此為挑過剪輯,點開還有。

第五期實體班作業02_by 丹譽遊戲模型貼圖角色班_from Weibo (此為挑過剪輯,點開還有。

Tài liệu tự học zbrush tiếng Việt dễ hiểu và đầy đủ nhất. Nghiên cứu toàn thân nữ trong 3Dmax « Tut Zbrush

Modeling a breast in Maya


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Tutorial - Making Of Blanka by Abraão Segundo.

Bravely Practice by ~Edrice on deviantART

Since I'm already a Fan of Bravely Default on I used the concept art from the main character to do a game resolution model.

Cloth Sculpting practice by Ben Davis | Realistic | 3D | CGSociety

Cloth sculpting practice by mantegra - CGHUB:

zbrush メイ - Google 検索

Mei from Totoro expressions)

BhLEw78CQAA5TfO.jpg:large (800×376):

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Example of good topology on a face model, image from;

Example of good topology on a face model, image from…