Design x Food | Infographics

This infographic is very creative. I like how they used segmented pieces of food as pie charts. I also like the use of pastel colors.

“How does it function?” Illustrations by Thomas Vieille

Hermes employeur website - Nice interaction & scroll effect combined with pretty neat illustrations!

I really like the 3D graphics of the buildings, as even though it does add more depth to the infographic, it makes it looks more interesting to read, and as a whole look at.

Blocks Map Creator

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Colorful Infographic Elements

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Tons of dimensionality and detail. Not in love with the reflective base shadows, but there's some good stuff going on generally.


The strawberry stands out well and is well designed, the colour scheme makes the poster more appealing.

De délicieuses recettes sous la forme d'infographies

De délicieuses recettes sous la forme d’infographies

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