Electric Art. Creative Retouching and 3D: DEXION

Electric Art is a Sydney based, globally recognised creative production specialist leading the way in Creative Retouching & Cgi, Motion, Interactive & Augmented Reality.


Can Samsung crack wireless audio with its dinosaur egg speakers?

Traditionally shying away from the audio business, the South Korean electronics giant is trying to make an impact with its new wireless speakers.

CONVEX TO CONCAVE_4 @ kimseungwoo.com ___________________________ water purifier hot & cool easy to use filter maintenance aluminum good usability slim compact design

is a water purifier with slim size that has an advantage in space utilization. Thanks to the slim, compact size, it takes up little countertop space allowing users to make better use of the space. The simple button-layout helps users recognize feature…

Samsung Gear S2

Samsung Gear S2 review: Shifting gears around

LightSheer DESIRE - by Taga / Core77 Design Awards

The LightSheer DESIRE is a portable, laser-based hair reduction system which features a combination of two advanced technologies and three hand pieces with

Ikepod Horizon HHT02

We are the singular source of the most unique modern watches from around the world.