Web appropriate, flat logo, suitable for vector format, over nice blurry background. Simple elements, no clutter. But not just another anonymous design. I think its the brand personality, the little rocket and the name "rocky" that makes it.

Login Screen v2

Web appropriate, flat logo, suitable for vector format, over nice blurry…

10 Design Principles via CodeAcademy.com 1) Aim for a single-column layout. 2) Social Proof: Leverage Testimonials 3) Use color sparingly and associate it w/ specific actions. 4) Fewer Form Fields 5) Reduce Calls-to-Action 6) Content First.  Chrome (Actionable UI Elements) Second. 7) Hierarchy.  Let type, color and white space rule. 8) Incorporate easily recognizable icons and means to let users know where they left off. 9) Bigger Buttons. 10) Welcome, even when there's no data to show.

Reimagining Codecademy.com

Email UI design!

A pioneer in IT services and consulting company in India. We deliver a flexible and agile IT solutions to your core business needs with IT support.

Luvocracy site and app for IOS http://www.luvocracy.com/timtim

Pttrns is the finest collection of design patterns, resources and inspiration.

In the works

in the works

Photography tinting with typography treatment overlay. Nice clean content breakup between section.

Form from Randco › PatternTap

Explore product design concepts and methods with ZURB's university library of awesome design resources.

Music library scan

Music library scan

UX / UI Lines

UX / UI Lines

UX / UI Lines: Some of the line art that will appear on Creativedash's new site. This one is to illustrate the UX/UI design process.