Industrial Design Sketch

Colour study by Russel Blanchard. Not just varying the colour, but also how much of it there is, and where it's applied. "Philips Steam Iron via coroflot

Hakan Gürsu - Brass work is an art #sketchaday #sketching #sketch #copicart…

Stage: idea generation Material: digital rendering,copiic markers, biro Where: folio Who: client designer Technique: isometric

Elga's Miniatures: Queen Anne Chair: Cabriole legs Jig making

I bought this book last year after I saw it in my mini club's library, the patterns are for making full size furniture, but I just fell in.

Amazing Drawing by Reid Schlegel

“Just moved into a new apartment and had to get myself some products for my home design studio! I love the filament bulb in their walnut lamp.

The Bottle Pack by Frederick Phua, via Behance

With the lack of technology and huge financial constraints, unfortunately, millions still have to do so via foot. Using pails and containers of all sorts, spillage during travel hugely reduces efficiency. The bottle pack not only eliminates spillage, it…


Quick observational sketch of a woman watching the Eames’ short film, Power of Ten, at the Barbican Centre, London. She’s also sitting in an Eames chair, crazy!