Korean Sugar Pancakes (filled with brown sugar syrup and walnuts--like the ones sold on seoul street carts)

Making Hoddeok (호떡) / Korean Sugar Pancakes

Making Hoddeok - Korean Sugar Pancakes-Hotteok is a unique Korean snack made with wheat flour dough filled with dark brown sugar, cinnamon, sesame, and chopped peanuts

korean food.

How To Make A Korean Banchan Spread Mar 2012 pm The art of the Korean snack spread known as Banchan

Who Are You?, Korean 2013

[Photos] Added new poster for the Korean drama 'Who Are You - @ HanCinema :: The Korean Movie and Drama Database

the best new drama! Flower Boy Next Door. Just finished this one today and loved it! l love all the characters they all had me laughing out loud!!! especially yoon shi yoon!

Flower Boy Next Door 2013 Korean drama- With Park Shin Hye and Yoon Shi Yoon. We're only a few episodes in and I already love it :D

I Miss You (Korean Drama)

I miss you. swear the kid actors always make me love them, then they end and its adults!

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Your Favorite Korean Drama Secret Garden I've already discussed my favorite Kdrama in a previous question but .

A Gentleman's Dignity

A Gentleman's Dignity ~ Because men should be gentlemen no matter the situation, when they become gentlemen and are knights in shining armor they get a whole new level of achievement and satisfaction that benefits their loved ones.

Personal Taste (2010).     3.8 STARS.   Arguably, the "Game Over" kiss is the best kiss in any Kdrama.  I didn't love the female lead all the time, because I don't like women who allow themselves to become human door mats.  I think I liked parts of this drama. If they had cut out the scenes between the two second leads, it could have been much stronger.

korean drama: Personal Preference Really good! Of course it has Lee Min Ho in it!