ENZO clothing - Box to Hanger concept  // Diana Castaneda PD

ENZO - Box to Hanger (Student Project)

Unit Apparel Packaging: Flats...This is so unique...

Unit Apparel Packaging: Flats (Student Project)

Packaging for Buttur Clothing Hangers

Buttur Clothing Hangers

t-shirt packaging

translucent packaging for display; maybe add handle (or hanger); Change Cardboard to White/Black/Vibrant Color

Once opened, inside you’ll find a cool Lega-Lega t-shirt, and a small sketchbook for doodling and sketching when you feel like it.If you want to customize your own t-shirt packaging, visit www.unifiedmanufacturing.com

Custom t shirt packaging is something that can set your product and brand apart from everyone else. Here are some custom t shirt packaging ideas to get you

clothing packaging design inspiration

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