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Pisces-Then I sank, I sank into the deep rabbit hole of which I fear I will never climb out of. Some where I hear children laughing. I turn my head another way and I hear crying, a man crying. Who pleaded a very familiar plead.

Thom Yorke - Legend

Thom Yorke of Radiohead, the evolution, "Pablo Honey " to "A moon shaped pool". By Joshua Forman.

Kate wanted to know, to remember, but she couldn't. She had a feeling that she loved Rodney, that they were close. But as he hugged from down below, she couldn't help but want to pull him back up and tell him that everything would be alright, but that would be a lie.

please FROGIVE that boy who hurt your feelings without regretting you loved him. Just imagine that he will be bend in his knees for you to be happy without him and admitting that he´s such a stupid. And then let your heart be in peace without regre