Beautiful Wolves

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wolves are in such need of help right now. They are almost extinct pretty much every where in the USA. If you happen to find a petition to help save any animal including wolves please take a minute of your time to sign and share. Their lives are counting on it. Thank You :)

Cloud Borden
source: WOLVES tumblr... Wolves eyes can have colors ranging from grey, green, yellow, amber, orange and brown. This is the chart


I know you have quite a few posts about wolves never having blue eyes, but I haven't seen any listing all the eye colors they CAN have? I'm also curious whether eye color often corresponds with coat...


wolveswolves: “ Gray wolf (Canis lupus) drinking from a puddle in Hardwood Forest Northern Minnesota Picture by Daniel J. Cox. ”

Big black wolf hybrid dog with her master, click on the pic for full information about this breed :)

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beautiful-wildlife: “ Fixation by Maxime Riendeau ”