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This website succesfully uses a youthful, childlike, and busy design without overwhelming the viewr. This is very difficult to do, I appreciate the use of simple text as well that contrasts with the busy design.

Liking this color scheme and also the illustrations in this rocket-launch themed one pager for 'Appolo'.

I like the interconnected web at the bottom. Maybe we can do something a little more corporate like for Yashat's services and what they provide.

Unique Web Design, Rival Schools #WebDesign #Design (

Very cool website idea! The illustration pulls you in and the callout at the bottom makes sure the site is not only pretty, but functional.

설화수 [화접도] 리미티드 쿠션/윤조에센스 – 아모레퍼시픽 쇼핑몰

설화수 [화접도] 리미티드 쿠션/윤조에센스 – 아모레퍼시픽 쇼핑몰

Gorgeous one-page website for Garden Estúdio. Beautiful rendering of the paralax scrolling through the landscape, the animations of the self-drawing line art, and the hover effects of the exquisite iframes. This site has all manner of responsive design!

Gorgeous parallax scrolling One Pager for 'Garden Estúdio' featuring a lovely illustration filled design in a red/purple scheme.

Loving the gradient/mood/subject shift. From a purple sky to a Black Forest. // Colorful One Pager with gorgeous illustrations announcing the date of the

10 Ice and Frozen Effects #GraphicRiver This a set of one-click 10 ice and frozen layer styles for texts, shapes and raster.. for better results use on dark background.

20 Ice and Frozen Effects

Buy 20 Ice and Frozen Effects by MotionDrop on GraphicRiver. UPDATE * This update includes 10 ADDITIONAL ice and frozen effects and layer styles for texts, shapes and raster.

6/13~16 L.POINT 5% 더 받으세요~ - 백화점을 인터넷으로 | 롯데닷컴

6/13~16 L.POINT 5% 더 받으세요~ - 백화점을 인터넷으로 | 롯데닷컴

Creative #Webdesign

Angry Bear Site Illustration & Design by Brian Miller. Might consider a similar design for my own web page.

영캐주얼 2016 F/W 신상 대전 | 백화점을 클릭하다. AK 몰

영캐주얼 2016 F/W 신상 대전 | 백화점을 클릭하다. AK 몰

Website'' snapped on Page2images!

Lighthouse Brewing Company is a progressive thinking microbrewery producing a distinct range of all natural beers. We began our brewing tradition in 1998 when the first kegs of Race Rocks Amber Ale rolled out to the Victoria public.

Colorful landing page with a few illustrations on a subtle texture for marketing book 'HWAIW'.

Muted background colors in similar rough textured finish and the use of a font family that is commonly used in graphic designs associated with the Island makes this layout unified in projecting the identity of Hawaii.