Make your own boxes for gifts

Shaped Gift Box Patterns Great to learn about nets. Challenge/extension, develop own net to form a box.

japanese food packaging by akaoni

Japanese food packaging by Akaoni

Japanese food packaging (looks like craft paper with yellow and black marker drawing or animals — mouse, squirrel, rabbit, bear? Not sure what food this would be . but great packaging.

Egg box by otília erdélyi, via Behance

Not quite graphic design but cool packaging Packaging of the World: Creative Package Design Archive and Gallery: Egg Box by Otília Erdélyi (Student Work)


Awesome packaging is awesome! "Clever Little Bag"—Sustainable packaging for Puma shoes, designed by Yves Béhar.


Designed by Peter Gregson, Serbia. // The manual Co. // Cardboard packaging design for boots, bags and accessories for The Manual Company , a modern franchise based on high quality luxury leather, handmade accessories and bags.

House of Rym packaging

Karen Longs posted House of Rym packaging to their -design concepts/ideas- postboard via the Juxtapost bookmarklet.


Inspiration from Packages & Bottles Design


Silence Water designed by Chris Trivizas plays on a common Greek myth reminding us to "listen first, then speak".