iBangle by Gopinath Prasana » Yanko Design

iBangle -iPod running bracelet with wireless headphones. This would be cool if it existed

TAG-Heuer Formula-1 Watch by Peter Vardai

The design of this TAG-Heuer Formula 1 Watch is insanely stylish! This is what happened when designer Peter Vardai had decided to combine Formula 1 and Mercedes Benz into one of the coolest watches ever!

Bodum Coffee & Tea Maker

The Bodum Coffee & Tea Maker. A borosilicate glass reservoir & beverage filter are integrated as detachable modules, making the coffee or tea completely spill-proof. The engagement of brewing process is revealed in one central, elegant device.

twist whisk > joseph joseph

This is a flat whisk and balloon whisk in one. Simply twist the base of handle to select flat whisk or balloon whisk. Flat whisk will be good for getting into corners, plus I love Joseph Joseph products!

Chair Inside A Chair

Designed by Flavio Scalzo, this intriguing chair concept is referred to as “chair inside a chair”. The unique design of this piece allows its owner to choose between a smaller compact chair and a wider chair with a side table

dusty diamonds, handmade stoneware > by AEO studio

Aeo-This reminds me of my Graphic Design class when we had to do a circle square triangle project.