Email Design

Email design - Nice idea for a linear big franchise; hierarchy is handled nicely here too - sunglasses image occupies entire width but doesn't feel more important.

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Need Supply Co. newsletters are just so well designed. A huge image and a bit of neon can elevate a design.

WIZWID:위즈위드 - 글로벌 쇼핑 네트워크

Bunny, maybe not so much the background, but I think the grouping is cool if you have on-fig shots.


Designs geared towards excess, design with catalogs in mind with colours and arrangement of images.

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CORE by Jack & Jones — Designed by Anders Højland Mikkelsen Søndergaard Søndergaard Højland Mikkelsen

email design

Email Design - One Central Picture with 2 Supporting Pictures Underneath - via Reiss / newsletter / emailing

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[ONLY 29CM] beyond closet, 겨울 코트 시리즈 공개 & 포토 후기