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Philips PowerPouch DLP7003 | 2015 on Behance

A slim and elegant mAh power bank for the Apple iPhone - specifically conceived for recharging while holding the phone. In this use case the rubber-coated and corrugated surface gently rests against the back of the iPhone and the loop-shaped Lightni…


TNT [Project in progress]

A hair dyer with both Hot and Cold air vents with different hole patterns. By simply turning the device, different temperature blows out.

twelvemonthly is a ‘monthly life design magazine’. We seek for question marks /?/ in everyday life and interpret them in our own perspectives to come up with ideas with exclamation marks /!

iPhone "Smart Dot" Is A Pointer For Both The Real And Virtual Worlds

iPhone “Smart Dot” Is A Pointer For Both The Real And Virtual Worlds

Moto float on Industrial Design Served

My summer 2014 Motorola CXD intern project:What might Motorola look like in the year What technologies might be leveraged?

Creative Session's Desk Fan Design Challenge - Design Milk

Creative Session's Desk Fan Design Challenge

A design competition calls out to the global community of industrial designers to redesign the humble battery or USB powered desk fan.