Channel 5 ident | 'magnet' [] [] [] by Fernando Lazzari

Channel 5 / 5 Star Magnet Ident by Fernando Lazzari. The nice chaps at Channel 5 Creative invited me to participate in 5 Stars rebrand. We spent some time working together on a series of idents and I had the pleasure to develop this one.

CCTV Documentary Channel Idents [] [2013] [] [] [] directed by #KORB

JL Design & KORB: motion sculptures for CCTV Documentary Channel is a digital metaphor of phenomenal blinks and moments that life consists of.

Россия 24 [Russia 24] TV ident [2012]

glass mograph - forex animation Program package for 'Russia channel.

Discovery Science Ident [] the Human Element [2011] [] CGI directed by Sawoozer Wang

Discovery Science Ident - the Human Element by +AKITIPE STUDIOS. The Human Element a branding asset for Discovery Science – a channel dedicated to making science programming relevant and entertaining.

#MTV ident [2010] [] directed n' designed by Enrico Lambiase n' Giovanni Bucci

A 10 seconds logo animation for MTV directed and designed by Enrico Lambiase and Giovanni Bucci. An abstract mix of graphic elements and real footage.

Film Four ident [2008] [30s] [] [] [] directed by Dan Chase

Film 4 Ident featuring music by Kel McKeown, also known as Kelpe. Ident directed by Dan Chase

MTV Millennial Awards id's [] [2013] openings | closings | bumbers [] [] [] directed by Luis Suárez

MTV Millennial Awards / Open, Bumpers & Close in Bad Ass Motion Graphics

AXN [2012] 'Publicity Playoff' Bumpers

AXN [2012] 'Publicity Playoff' Bumpers

#MTV Brand Refresh Reel [2011] [] edited by Alex Holden

MTV Brand Refresh Reel 2011 cutdown) by Ian Jones. A whole heap of talented people were involved in this MTV 2011 Brand Refresh Reel.

The Fast ID for FOX SPORTS 1 [] [11s] [2013] [] [] [] directed by #KORB

Speed - all that matters now. The Fast ID for FOX Sports Credits: Client: FOX Sports 1 Creative Director: Matthew Waddell Design, Direction and Animation:…

SKY arte TV ident [2012] [15s] [15s] [15s] [] sound design by Box Of Toys Audio

Sky Arte Idents by Client: Sky Arte Italy - Angelsign (Agency)

#MTV urban [] TV ident [2013] [] directed by Zeitguised

TV Ident for MTV Live. Directed by Zeitguised. Music by Michael Fakesch.