Dribbble fast

Settings fun navigation

Settings fun navigation by Aurélien Salomon — The Best iPhone Device Mockups →…

Hello Dribbble!

Hello Dribbble!

Dribbble surf concept

Surf concept elastic motion

Freelastic   switch

Feelastic Switch

EMail Inbox by Hamza Erdogdu

UI/UX inspiration

I’ve received a lot of requests lately to push out more web and UI/UX designs. This can be a bit tricky since you’re quite limited by the amount of new work coming out.


Blueprint: Multi-Level Menu

A simple multi-level menu with delayed item animations and an optional breadcrumb navigation and back button.

5 Books Every UX Designer Should Read — Prototyping: From UX to Front End

With so many books out there, it’s hard for my fellow bookworms to decide which to chew through next. Here’s a collection of favorites I’ve read or heard about recently and have found useful. UX is…