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Exponent Game

Exponent Game

Exponent game in a pirate game format.

Valentine's Day with Parallel Lines | Bridges First Edition Support

Awesome visual to decide between zero and no slope.

Visual Clues

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O Christmas Tree: Slope Edition

Math Equals Love | Math Teaching Blog by Sarah Carter

My first cooperating teacher at the high school level shared with me this method of teaching slope. After introducing what slope was, we asked the students to draw a tree in their notes. However, they couldn't draw just any tree. Instead, they would learn how to draw a special kind of tree. After drawing the above tree on the board without the labels, the students commenced to criticize the tree and say how it looked more like an arrow than a tree. Luckily, it really doesn't bother me when…

Middle School Math Rules!: Foldables

Middle School Math Rules!

I'm Sherrie a 7th Grade Math Teacher Extraordinaire.

Algebra Help. Plug in an equation it will tell you how to figure out the answer. Could be a life saver for students and parents

Algebra Calculators | Wyzant Resources

Algebra Help. Plug in an equation it will tell you how to figure out the answer. Could be a life saver for students and parents

Systems of Equations and poorly written riddles are what get my students' attention. See for yourself. Coin Activity. High School Math. Algebra 1

Systems of Equations, Riddles, and Students' Attention

Before I even mentioned what a system of equation was to my students I posed the following riddles to them: Ninet...

Love it! Cheat for remembering sine and cosine

Trig Reference Angle Cheat Hand

Observe... Flip down the finger that corresponds to the angle whose sine and cosine you need. The number of fingers to the left gives you the sine, and the number of fingers to the right gives you the cosine. So if you flip down your index finger which corresponds to 30 degrees... there is one finger to the left. $sin{(30)}=\frac{\sqrt{1}}{2}$ and there are three fingers to the right. $cos{(30)}=\frac{\sqrt{3}}{2}$ Try it for the fingers that correspond to the other reference angles. For…

Math Notebook Cover, Section Dividers, and Rubric for Math

Math Notebook Cover, Section Dividers, and Rubric for Math Journals

This FREE product has a cover for your Math Notebook, Section Dividers and a Rubric for easy math journal grading! To see how I use this, check out my blog at Preparing Young Learners: Check out my store for MANY more Common Core Math products! My Store


Sine, Cosine, Tangent, explained and with Examples and practice identifying opposite, adjacent sides and hypotenuse

This page explains the sine, cosine, tangent ratio, gives on an overview of their range of values and provides many practice problems on identifying the sides that are opposite and adjacent to a given angle.

Printable Math Games

Upper Elementary & Middle School Math Games Math Teachers, Look No Further! 42 printable math games for upper elementary and middles school students, easy-to-setup for any math class // Buy it …

FREE a poster showing the angle pairs formed when a transversal cuts through 2 parallel lines

Parallel Lines Cut By a Transversal Poster - print and digital

*Includes printable color, printable black & white and interactive digital.This parallel lines, transversals and angles poster doubles as a coloring page for student notebooks. Angle pairs include: corresponding, alternate exterior, vertical, same side interior, alternate interior and same side ...

Celebrate Pi Day Sudoku Puzzle

Celebrate Pi Day Sudoku Puzzle

The rules are a little different from standard Sudoku, in part because the blocks are jigsaw pieces rather than 3×3, and in part because the first 12 digits of π are used instead of the standard 1-9. Each row, each column, and each colored block ("jigsaw region") contains the first 12 digits of pi ...