Vogue Korean -- kitten invasion

Photographer Kim Kyungsoo captured traditional Korean costume (Hanbok) for Korean Vogue in his series titled, "Full Moon Story.

Korean Beauty by Illustrator 흑요석 (Obsidian)

Korean Beauty by Illustrator 흑요석 (Obsidian) Are these flowers hibiscus or more cherry blossom?

Hanbok Inspired Dress

Modernised hanbok in deep purple against soft pastel pink. Transparent fabrics layered on top of one another creating voluminous bottom half of figure. Look into sleeve treatments and neckline finishes.

Korean Alice newmodernhanbok:  Illustrators 흑요석 http://blog.naver.com/obsidian24

South Korean Illustrator Wooh Nayoung, aka Obsidian, created a beautiful series of reinterpretations of Western fairy tales in the in the style of traditional Korean animation. Despite all the.