Infomatic iPhone App *** Infomatic brings all your crucial social stats from Facebook and Twitter, and combines them in one awesome and easy to use iPhone app. by SATURIZED , via Behance *** #iphone #app #gui

Infomatic iPhone App - Not really a web design, but similar enough for inspiration - by SATURIZED , via Behance ***

Dribbble - responsive.png by Vladimir Babic

This exemplifies the market and users. They just leave, they don't necessarily comment or complain.

Books Mobile APP / by Michael Tomaka, via Behance

Books Mobile APP / by Michael Tomaka, via Behance: Not sure about some of the elements of the app/the idea but i do like the nav at the bottom with the content "ballooning out" above

Zwerver Adventure App by Gregory - Dribbble

Zwerver Adventure App

Here's a shot of a collaboration I had the honor of being involved in with Mark from BlueDeerDesigns over in the UK. Mark headed up the branding of Zwerver, I hammered out.

Dribbble - 1600.jpg by John Khester

This's my store book app concept) Hope you like it! Template free I have attached the Sketch file for anyone that is interested. ____________ Thanks for support Friends=)


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