1st Look - Ko Jun Hee

高俊熙 고준희 Ko Joon Hee - another of my favorite kdrama actresses.

The Leads Of “She Was Pretty” Take On Cosmopolitan Korea’s October 2015 Issue | Couch Kimchi

The cast of new drama “She Was Pretty” Hwang Jung Eum, Park Seo Joon, Go Joon Hee, and Choi Siwon for Cosmopolitan Korea


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[출근길 비교] 시크한 고준희 룩 vs 러블리한 민하리 룩 :: 네이버 TV연예

[출근길 비교] 시크한 고준희 룩 vs 러블리한 민하리 룩 :: 네이버 TV연예

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Go Joon Hee is leggy for ‘Harper’s Bazaar’! | Koogle TV

Korean actress Go Joon-hee modeled for global sportswear brand Reebok in the May issue of fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar. She is mostly wearing monotone outfits in the released photos that make her look chic and refined.