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Passengers are provided with advanced safety tools, including a Locator Beacon™. In the event of emergency or water landing, passengers simply hold down the button until they hear a faint beep.

Power to the Pouch | Yanko Design

A slim and elegant mAh power bank for the Apple iPhone - specifically conceived for recharging while holding the phone. In this use case the rubber-coated and corrugated surface gently rests against the back of the iPhone and the loop-shaped Lightni…

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The LaCie Fuel wireless media drive can supplement your smartphone or tablet storage. It lets you carry most, if not all, of your music, photos, and videos with you and share them with a small group of devices.

001 drone — ichelle im

What if a drone were friendly? 001 is a modular drone designed to be easy to use and maintain. The detachable panoramic camera can be mounted either to the drone body or handle.

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Yves Béhar's Recyclable Y Water Bottles