Myung Urso, Blue Suds, 2014, brooch, silk cord, wood pigment, sterling silver, lacquer, 101.6 x 88.9 x 25.4 mm, photo: artist

A exhibition dedicated to memories is still on view until September Shaping "memories" by Myung Urso metal and fabric artist Pistachio Gallery 55 E. and Wabash Ave.) Chicago IL (USA) Hours: MON-FRI: TO SAT: TO SUN:NOON TO

Heejoo Kim -KOREA - silver, enamelled copper, korean floor paper  "Kim’s jewels are seen intuitional and material rather than intellectual from the viewpoint of the trend of contemporary jewelry following concept art. It presents material attractiveness, not conceptual, still can be favored as virtue of jewels in our times""Kim intends to tell us various aspects of plants through new materials"

HEEJOO KIM-S KR- silver, enamelled copper, korean floor paper "Kim’s jewels…

Yuko Fujita

My new work called "Garden" Oxidized silver with enamel paint. Abstract image of colorful and delicate botanical forms brooch and ne.

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