The combination of water color and typography is elegant and simple. The large page numbers stand out to the reader and create a unique spread. The combination of water color…


Simple and complex text, editorial, print, brochure book design, black test on white background

19 Striking Book Covers of 2014 - Print Magazine

19 Remarkable Book Cover Designs

All Our Names by Dinaw Mengestu. An unforgettable love story about a searing affair between an American woman and an African man in America and an unflinching novel about the fragmentation of lives that straddle countries and histories.

Michele Champagne / pink paper!

THE NEXT BIG THING - Catalogue-invitation-magazine for "The Next Big Thing," Sandberg Institute's design exhibition and graduation at De Brakke Grond (Amsterdam, NL).

Alexander Girard

A Smythe-sewn hardbound book has 64 full-color pages that documents the four-year House Industries Alexander Girard project.

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