Found ~ Flat Mobile Icons Designs for Your Inspiration by Nancy Young thanks to Hongkiat. #FlatDesign #Illustration #Icons

Great simplistic design with a good amount of detail to get the point across and recognize the icon. #Apps #Icon - Camera Icons + Illustration #icons

Several designs for a camera icon. Easy to understand and colourful design.

Fried Egg Icon

Fried Egg Icon

Savory App Icon

Scorch Icon

This app icon is very strong. Based on text, visual elements and colour the design makes it very important. The gradient with a drop shadow representing the S is a good concept. The visual elements of the cutlery symbolises the application very simple.

Spades Game App Icon

The most beautiful and inspiring iOS app icons are right here. Today we’re picked up 50 Creative iOS App Icon Designs from behance and dribbble for your

Analog Camera for iOS

Clear app creators unveil the snappiest iPhone photography app, Analog Camera

Guinness by Webshocker


Though I can't say that the illustrator bent over backward to imitate reality here, it can be said that this is a clever way to sell Guinness. The portion representing the foam head gives this piece a nice sense of color balance.

Orange Icon – Free PSD by Hüseyin Yilmaz ☺ for dieTaikonauten

Orange Icon – Free PSD

Orange Icon – Free PSD by Hüseyin Yilmaz for dieTaikonauten

Pizza App iOS Icon by Ryan Ford

Big list of 45 Beautiful iOS App Icon Design for your Inspiration. These mobile app icons are the best examples of UI design. UI design involves a lot of