More ideas from David

F-H-YU-JEON is the annual exhibition arranged by the design department of Hongik University which consists of two majors: visual communication design and industrial design. The theme of the exhibition was Direction which means the exhibition can be a…

입체를 평면으로 그려 표현할때 좀 더 쉽게 인지할 수 있는 형태 중 구도적 관점에서 볼 수 있다.  이 그림들은 형태의 단순화 및 심플화로 동물을 표현한 것인데, 그로 인해 각 동물을 인지하기 더 쉬운 형태 및 구도는 무엇인지를 알게된다.

This edition of Icons of the week is sort of a special edition. Our good friend and very talented illustrator Mette Ranking, designed a range of cute and cool animal icons. The icons were done as a side project as Mette explains… Having worked on several