New Lingualeo Android App Concept

UI Interactions of the week #14 — Muzli -Design Inspiration — Medium

UI Interactions of the week #14

Last year we helped the fine folks at SKURT as UX consultants. This was one of the experiments with their booking flow. Animation made in After Effects. What we were trying to solve: 1 - make a cl.


Yahoo News Digest - Redesign


Hey Guys, We're actually in the beautiful city of San Francisco with the half of the crazy dream team. We'd love to meet you if you're an event profs, tech enthusiast or simply a pixel lovers.

Profile Animation

While enjoy midnight and coffee, and thought how about if greyscale effect at picture can define as offline mode, and switch to colored picture when its going active/online.

Ink UI Kit - iOS Screens for Photoshop & Sketch on Behance

Ink by Great Simple contains more than 120 elaborate iOS 8 screens in 7 categories that will meet any needs you may have in your designing process.

Fitness Assistant by xiunan

Fitness Assistant

Driving ios app  speedmeter

Speedmeter [GIF]

Quick design for an app for drivers where you have the most necessary informations about your car/motorbike (maybe), the opportunity to buy a parking ticket, speedmeter and also map with road sign.

Call to Action - Principle by Luca Burgio for Musixmatch

Call to Action - Principle

A new material call-to-action we introduced on Musixmatch for Add Lyrics and Sync Lyrics actions. The alert will appear the first time only. Animated with the impressive Principle.