WTHR iPhone app

WTHR Dieter Rams’ Ten Principles for Good Design inspired the latest weather app, WTHR, by Visual Designer David Elgena. The identity of Braun products subtly come through with the classic minimalist.


It is nice to see more apps out there that promote knowing your BP data. This one has a well designed and modern interface. BloodNote - mobile app by Peter Bajtala.

Charts (Dark UI)

Stats Dashboard console - UI/UX

Charts (Dark UI) the magnified area would make a great audio level meter. Very reminiscent of the old blue VFD displays of the

Gui goodness.

I'm making this article showcasing UI design examples so that the uninspired user interface designer within you would get the inspiration he needs.


Conversion Timeline

Nice dashboard view and bar chart based on a specific property. The graphs in the dashboards provide a nice visual guide to the performance over a particular timeline.


Ultimate GUInspiratiCollection - ShockBlast presents The Ultimate GUI Inspiration Collection.

Clear, visually intuitive app design

Music App Creates Pro Beats In 1 Minute, Using Bar Graphs


dashboard for real time metrics. The tv mode might be a pretty good thingy for shown metrics on stand-alone displays