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a green background with lots of different items and drinks on it's surface, including pineapples
an image of many colorful fish in the ocean with red background and blue, green, pink
an abstract floral design in pink, orange and blue
two paintings with palm trees and flowers on them, one is blue and the other is pink
a pink background with palm trees and birds
a yellow background with palm trees and other tropical items on the bottom half of it
an image of a tropical scene with palm trees and flowers on the ground, in white background
a bunch of bananas on a tree with blue sky in the backgrounnd
a colorful crocheted blanket with squares and flowers on it
an ornate floral design with many flowers and leaves on the border is shown in red, orange
a blue and white patchwork quilt with pink flowers on the front, two different squares
blue flowers and green leaves are on a white background with gold trim around the edges
an orange and pink flower on a white background
an orange and purple flowered fabric with green leaves on the bottom, red background
an image of colorful flowers and birds on a white background with red, pink, orange, yellow and green colors
an abstract background with many butterflies flying in the air and on top of each other
a white background with lots of different types of flowers and fruit on it's surface
an intricately designed rug with flowers and leaves on it's border, in white
a floral pattern with red flowers and green leaves on a black background stock photo - 1387
a blue background with lots of green plants and animals on it's back ground
an ornately designed wall hanging with flowers and dots on it's border,