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Pumpkin Practice Sheet

Description 1 Review Practice drawing Pumpkins from different light directions. JPG image. Do not share, but you may direct others to my page so they can download it themselves. 1 Review Hide Reviews Show Reviews 5 great for value lesson Posted by Kelly Patterson on 31st Oct 2019 Excited to uses this in a center for teaching value

Photos - Decatur Digital Photography Meetup (Decatur, GA)

Meet amateur photographers from in and around the Decatur area! Come to a Photography Meetup to share tips and techniques, attend photo shoots, share your images and stories -- and have fun. At least

Process Journal #1

Students will completed these in their Process Journal. All assignments must be handwritten. ​DO NOT SKIP PAGES.

Color Theory Color Scheme Worksheet with Monochromatic, Triadic, etc.

A handy worksheet in .docx form for students to learn quickly the various color schemes available for them. They will use colored pencils to color in the designs using only the colors from the particular color scheme they are using. They will need several colors of pencils as well as black, white ...

art vocabulary_elements & principles

A great link The Vocabulary of Art The Art Elements The major groupings are: Line, shape and mass, light-value-color, texture, space, and time & motion I. Line: A line is a path left by a moving point. A continuous mark on a surface. What are the functions of line? 1. to outline a shape 2. to create movement and emphasis 3. to develop pattern and texture 4. to…

4 Free Printmaking Projects: DIY Block Printing & More

Learn monoprinting, block printing, and more printing techniques for beginners to advanced.

10 Artist-Inspired Projects Your Students Will Love - The Art of Education University

Who was the first artist you remember falling in love with? The first who, after learning about them or seeing their work, you knew would forever hold a special place in your heart? I’m not here to tell you some gushy artist love story, but aren’t these the experiences we want our students to have? I […]

5 Exciting Sub Plans for Right Now - The Art of Education University

Every teacher understands the struggle of planning for a sub. It can be challenging in the art room because of all the materials required to complete an art project. Depending on your students’ progress on a project, it’s easy to give students work time as they already know what to do. However, this isn’t always […]

The Easiest Way For Students to Turn in Artwork - The Art of Education University

Grading. It’s not at the top of an art teacher’s to-do list. Between managing the art room and creating with students, it often gets pushed to the back burner. Or in reality, pushed to the middle of your desk! It’s hard to keep up with the ever-growing pile of ungraded artwork, and your backlog can […]

12 Street Artists (Not Named Banksy) Your Students Should Know - The Art of Education University

Everyone knows Banksy. Everyone loves Banksy. One of the most notorious and most creative street artists working today, his (her?) secret identity, dark humor, and social commentary makes for instant engagement when it comes to your students. But, the world of street art and graffiti is much more vibrant and much more profound than a […]

How to Create Demo Videos for Your Students - The Art of Education University

Art Education and the Coronavirus (COVID-19) I used to be an art teacher. Now, I am a YouTuber. Well, that’s not entirely true. But, in all honesty, it kind of feels like that. Of course, I am still an art teacher, but with the recent development of school closings due to the spread of COVID-19, […]