~ Pineapple Loft by Resolution by 4 Architecture #interior #design #loft #spaces loving the bricks :)

Pineapple Loft by Resolution: 4 Architecture

Pineapple Loft is located in Brooklyn Heights, New York, designed by Resolution: 4 Architecture. This square foot modern loft was conceived in two phases.

Brick screen lit from within

Harold Street Residence / Jackson Clements Burrows - Architects - ressed red brickwork to the external facades


Gallery of Plinthos / mab architecture - 11

Plinthos pavilion by Mab Architects natural installation exhibition devider (j) brick + LED lighting

Petersen's Kolumba Brick | International Architecture | www.world-architects.com

Since its 2007 completion, the Kolumba Art Museum of the Archdiocese of Cologne has sat atop the ruins of the Gothic St. Kolumba church, destroyed in World.

Completed in 2012 in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. The house is located in an established older suburb of Petaling Jaya. The existing old house on the site was built in the early and had.