SALヘッドホン(マイク付き)B(SAL-B-B1)|style-B | SAL by amadana(サルバイアマダナ) - amadana ONLINE STORE

SAL full of luxury in these compact headphones, big things do come in small packages! Share music using the featured dual stereo jacks. With 2 of these bad boys, it's possible to share music with up to eight friends!


The Dieline Package Design Awards 2013: Technology, Games, Toys, & Media, Merit - Siemens Hearing Aid Premium Packaging

Siemens hearing division contracted total–solution provider Splitvision Design AB to design and produce a complete packaging range reflecting the high value of its products.

Woodbuds are earphones made from sustainable sourced wood and bio-plastic

Auriculares de plástico ecológico // Woodbuds are earphones made from sustainable sourced wood and bio-plastic.

Unboxing experience

The Kano computer kit isn’t only a super cool computer kit it’s also based on a self-assembly concept developed by Swedish IKEA.



Litl / simple and lovely packaging for the Litl webbook. a collaboratve project between pentagram, fuseproject, cooper, moto, etc.

Lytro Unboxing

Lytro Unboxing

Neat. Minimal. Showcases product.

Barnes & Noble HD+ Tablet

Barnes & Noble HD+ Tablet on Packaging of the World - Creative Package Design Gallery

Nest unboxing, courtesy of NotCot.

Nest unboxing, courtesy of NotCot.