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a field full of yellow flowers with an arabic quote
an image with the words in english and arabic, on top of a photo of a bottle
an african prove with a snake in the middle and words above it that read because we focused on the snake, we missed the scorpion
Focusing on the Wrong Problem - World Fusion Wisdom
a man sitting in front of a window with a quote on it
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Must Read Inspirational Life Quotes By Famous People About The Essence Of Life (21 Quotes) - Awed! Owl #inspirational #inspirationalquotes #lifequotes #quotes #quotestoliveby #quotesoftheday
two airplanes flying in the sky with arabic writing on them
Ahmad Javaid Sahib
an islamic text in the middle of a black background with white writing and arabic characters on it
an image of some arabic writing on a blue background with white and yellow lettering in the middle
the words worry is a misuse of your imagination on a black background
Daily Motivational Quotes
Daily Motivational Quotes – iHearts143Quotes
a person laying on top of a bed with an arabic quote in the middle of it
an arabic text with roses in the background and a dark sky behind it that reads, `
a woman looking at the camera with a caption that reads if it's destroying you, it's not love, my dear
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some people are sitting in the grass with their heads bowed and one person is standing near them
2no Sortain Yaqeen Ki Hain...
Donon Soortain Yaqeen Ki Hain Kuch Loog Allah Pe Sab Chor Daitay Hain Kuch Allah Kay Liay Sab Chor Daitay Hain. islamic quotes in urdu allah | #islamquotesurdu
an image with the words in english and arabic
an arabic text written in black ink on a yellow background
Jaun Elia
a woman with a pink shawl standing next to a pole and flowers in the background
Deep thought
an image of a leaf on rocks with the words in english and arabic characters above it
two books with flowers on top of them and the words in arabic are written above it
the words in arabic are written with colored pencils on white and green background,