"Forest Jumper Ninja" iPhone/iPad game on Behance

from concept and through development tiny ninja jumper game design inspiration

暗黑3风格血球制作 [教程] |GAMEUI- 游戏设计圈聚集地 | 游戏UI | 游戏界面 | 游戏图标 | 游戏网站 | 游戏群 | 游戏设计

Diablo 3 Guide-GUI-style blood original / translated from teaching .

Dribbble - Star by Marcin Zasada

We could combine the ratings faces with stars and have the facial expressions on the stars to almost give them a double meaning.


Buttons in Hedgehog Adventure

Free Dark Sports UI Kit by NestStrix Design

Big thanks to NestStrix Design for sharing this dark sports UI with the design community.