Hey, Here is an immersive movie app. User can browse movies and access details by swiping up the ‘movie card’. Interactions were done in Principle. Hope you’ll enjoy . Press L to show some love

Movie App Interactions

Concept for news iPhone app on Behance. Dark UI makes the images look great but causes issues with readabilty of large amounts of text

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Here is an app that would allow a user to create dashboards for expenses that are worth keeping track of in regard to frequency of purchases, budgets, allotments and time frame.   In this scenario ...

Personal Tracking App


Microinteraction is one of the most important moments in UI / UX design and Microinteractions are the best way to develop any successful product.

Comp 4 speeded 1

Navigation at the bottom

Guidelines To Keep Us Open-Minded About the Material Design Guidelines — Exploring Material Design.

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Sundance Detail View by Ben Mingo - Dribbble

Sundance Detail View

Home to detail view transition. —— This is a self-initiated concept to re-design the Sundance Film Festival app experience. I was recently in Salt Lake City over Sundance.