temperatura de color Arificial light sources, correlate Color Temperature (Kelvin) of - Simulated with Autodesk studio Max Design by Luca Rostellato simulation of

I would love this right by the front door!

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GEORG by Christina Liljenberg Halstrøm

coats and jackets over here, please, pinned by Ton van der Veer - printed wall give customers directions

Camper store in Lyon by Studio Makkink & Bey 11 May 2012. #retail #merchandising #shoe #display

"Dutch designers Studio Makkink & Bey have completed a store for shoe brand Camper in Lyon with staircases that seem to go on forever." Camper Store by Jurgen Bey


Details we like / Texture / Pattern / Black / Electronics / Headset / Fading…

Floating Drawer Side Table

A Visit to Object

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How cool is this? Cocktail tables made into wall shelves <3

Marvelous DIY Bookshelves Make a Great Home Decor : Bookshelf Of Vintage Tables - 2 coffee tables = bookcase.


for palette, styling by Kråkvik & D'Orazio, photo by Siren Lauvdal

Bo.Bó, Sao Paulo, Brazil, "My Fashion Notebook", pinned by Ton van der Veer #visual #merchandising #window #display #product #retail #shopping

Window display idea, rough, real writing with product. Almost like the thinking/brainstorm of the idea Window Display